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Are you ready?

Meet the new SUPERKRAFT!

Meet the new SUPERKRAFT!
Meet the new SUPERKRAFT!

Two Heros, one SUPERKRAFT!

The new SUPERKRAFT of the dental world!

SoloCem and ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL - great on their own, inseparable in a team!

Because sometimes the challenge is just so big that two heroes are needed.

SoloCem - A Dental Cement Looking for the Perfect Match!

Acting self-adhesive, the universal dental cement concentrated on all those tasks that he could master brilliantly on his own.

But the multi-talent wants more. He also wants to solve the most difficult cases. However, for this he needs a strong partner by his side. It quickly became clear that only another all-rounder would qualifiy for the job: ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL.

Together they are COLTENE's new SUPERKRAFT and always ready when maximum strength is required!!

ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL - The Bond Everyone Trusts!

His mission: Maximum adhesive power in all situations. ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL is always delighted to support anyone who calls on him.

But his favourite is working together with his SUPERKRAFT partner SoloCem, the dental universal cement. Because he knows that together they are stronger than any challenge. As perfect team players, they can rely on each other in any case, no matter how difficult.

Real superheroes know that in practice you can often only be successful as a team!

Strong Alone, Unbeatable Together - The new SUPERKRAFT!

Two superheroes are enough!

SoloCem and ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL send adhesive cements into the well-deserved retirement. Because together they can handle all cases, no matter how much bonding strength is required.

The inseparable SUPERKRAFT of COLTENE for every practice!

More Information on our Dental SUPERKRAFT in your Practice!

SoloCem - Reliable cementing in one step

ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL - The bond for all cases