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The Art of Sterilisation

Sparing your nerves? Saving on space? Protecting the environment?

But... why only go for just one option, when you can meet all three objectives at once!

Sparing your nerves? Saving on space? Protecting the environment?
Sparing your nerves? Saving on space? Protecting the environment?
SciCan STATIM 6000B

Are you looking for simple, intuitive operation without tedious leafing through complicated user manuals?

Does the ever-increasing paperwork, including documentation and complete traceability, cause you daily stress when it doesn't have to?

We can offer the solution and let you relax and devote yourself to your patients!

Every little bit of space counts. Nevertheless, no compromises can be made when it comes to hygiene.

Reprocessing rooms are usually too small. Numerous items of equipment are required for proper reprocessing, and their instructions for use should always be kept within easy reach. Wouldn't it be fantastic to have a compact device that could even play video tutorials directly on the screen? 

Join us in the fight against the lack of space in the reprocessing room!

Have the feeling that another 20 trees have been felled just to print out and file all the required evidence?

With a digital filing system, you not only save paper in enormous quantities, but also make printer cartridges and vast volumes of files a thing of the past.

Saving resources can be so simple!

Our solution: STATIM 6000B G4+

The Art of Sterilisation

Presenting the fully automated space wonder. Despite its extremely compact dimensions, the STATIM 6000B with G4+ technology effortlessly keeps up with bigger machines and, due to its smart configuration, easily meets all the current requirements for safety, flexibility and efficiency.

Packaged loads can be reliably sterilized in just 27 minutes, and due to its programming functions, it can even work long after you have left for home.

Our solution: STATIM 6000B G4+

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