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Be well Prepared With COLTENE

We want to assist you to minimize treatment risks, systematically disinfect your surfaces and safely reprocess your instruments. Find some helpful hints below.

Minimize Treatment Risk

Reduce virus transmission via aerosols by using dental dam. Studies show that dental dam can significantly minimize the production of saliva- and blood-contaminates aerosol or spatter. High-Volume Aspirators decrease the contamination by more than 90 percent and prevent cross-contamination through the use of masks, bibs and covers.

HYGENIC Dental Dams and Clamps

ROEKO Concorde II – High-Volume Aspirator Tip

ROEKO Masks, ROEKO Bibs, ROEKO Steri-Quick, Sterile Covers

Systematic Cleaning and Disinfection

Cleaning and disinfection is a required step in the infection prevention and control process in a health care setting. Find below some helpful links to assist you with this tasks.

Read more about SciCan OPTIM1 and BioSonic UC40

Hygiene Check Up

The requirements for hygiene in the dental practice are constantly at a very high level! Those tasks are extremely demanding and complex. We would like to support you here! Contact our Hygiene Specialists to give you valuable tips for optimization of your Instrument reprocessing.

Together we can master the challenge!

Contact SciCan consultant for an hygiene check up

Hygiene Check Up

Safe Instrument Reprocessing

The comprehensive portfolio of SciCan is focused on efficiently washing, disinfecting, and sterilising dental and medical instruments.

Clean, wash and thermal disinfect:

Disinfect and sterilize frequent and effectively fast:

Safe Instrument Reprocessing