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Endodontic retreatments: lecture and workshop

LUTV course on endodontic retreatment

LUTV course on endodontic retreatment
LUTV course on endodontic retreatment
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23 May 2024
14:00 to 18:00


Vaardigheidscentrum Tandheelkunde (O&N1)
Herestraat 49
3000 Leuven


Dr. Chiara Pirani
Dr. Francesco Iacono

Workshop Details


This course combines a lecture on the latest techniques and advancements in endodontic retreatments and a workshop with heat-treated NiTi instruments.

13:45   Welcome with coffee
14:00 – 15:30   Endodontic retreatments: latest techniques and advancements in the modern era
Orthograde retreatments should be considered as a first approach in failing endodontic cases. Intricate and aberrate anatomies and complex operative procedures make retreatments challenging. Disassembling crowns and different type of posts, management of critical issues as perforations, separated instruments, calcified canals, ledges, blockages and wide apex, workflow and operative timing will be discussed with participants through numerous educational clinical cases documented by videos and images, emphasizing the latest techniques and advancements. 

The lecture aims to equip attendees with the knowledge to approach cases with different level of complexity.

15:30 – 16:00   Coffee Break
16:00 – 17:30   Afternoon workshop:  Heat-treated NiTi instruments in Retreatments  
Current trends in endodontics are developing instruments and strategies conceived with the aim to simplify the gutta-percha removal and the re-shaping phase among the complexity of retreatments.

The higher flexibility provided by the thermo-mechanically induced martensitic phase may permit a more conservative approach while removing contaminated material. The aim of the practical workshop on real and plastic teeth is to equip attendees with skills necessary to navigate complex cases.


20 units, 3 hours in DG 4


€ 250.00
€ 200.00 (LUTV members)

Course Management and Contact

Course Lead
Simón Pedano, PAV Tandheelkunde

Secretariaat Permanente Vorming THK tandheelkunde.pavuzleuven.be

23.05.2024 Leuven