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The crowning in level of detail


The self-contouring consistencies of AFFINIS wash materials let you achieve outstanding impression results without any bubbles and flashes.



Success lies in the details

A successful race is all about the details. A correct, precise start lays the foundation for a winning race. The same applies to impression taking. Accurate mixing of the impression materials requires full attention.

It’s all about Speed

Fast swimming requires perfect gliding through the water and requires a sophisticated technique combined with good endurance. AFFINIS A-silicones are also characterized by an excellent affinity to moisture, which provides the basis for precise impression taking in a moist environment.

Success control made easy

A successful race is measured by whether you reach the finish line among the first. The excellent detail reproduction and high-contrast readability of the AFFINIS PRECIOUS wash materials are also convincing and support the success control of a perfect impression.

Impressions with AFFINIS are convincing right from the start

With the AFFINIS product family, you will be well prepared for any patient situation, no matter how complicated. This reliable, precise impression material is characterised not only by its speed but also by its flowability and, where necessary, by the required stability. For over 40 years, our customers have relied on our know-how in the production of siliconebased impression materials.

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Impressions with AFFINIS are convincing right from the start