• ROEKO Surgitip-endo

    Endodontic aspirator tip for root canal treatment


ROEKO Surgitip-endo

Aspirator Tips

Endodontic aspirating tip for the root canal Surgitip-endo is an aspirating tip specially designed to dry root canals. The innovative design of the suction tip allows for a multi-directional flexibility, so it can easily be introduced into hard-to-reach root canals without having to bend the Canal Tip. Aspiration is highly effective at all angles and visibility is not constricted.

Surgitip-endo removes rinsing solutions and moisture quickly and effectively, shortening the drying time considerably. Less paper points are required. However, the use of paper points is recommended to check that the canal is thoroughly dry.

  • Specially designed tip for multi-directional flexibility
  • Effective aspiration and good canal accessibility
  • Canal Tip ISO 60, inner diameter 0.35 mm
  • Sterile, individually packaged and ready for use
  • Canal Tip ISO 60, inner diameter 0.35 mm

Surgitip-endo is delivered with a Double Adapter for adapting the tips (ø 6.5mm) to ø 11 mm and ø 16 mm aspirating equipment.

20 pcs
includes 1 Double Adapter for ø 11 mm and ø 16 mm equipment