Autoclavable Impression


Security made to measure

«AFFINIS impressions can be steam autoclaved at 134°C without adverse effects to the dimensional stability or tear strength. The fit of the restoration will not be compromised by this sterilisation treatment.» Dr. B. Millar, King’s College London Dental Institute

Play it safe

Approximately 50 billion bacteria reside inside the oral cavity. From the estimated 500 types, most of them have a useful function. Among them however are still dangerous germs which can cause disease.

All AFFINIS Impressions are now autoclavable at 134°C. With autoclavable impression trays and a special adhesive (Coltène Adhesive AC), there is now a system available to effectively close the hygiene gap in your practice.

Closing the hygiene gap

Research shows that a large number of impressions are not even or inadequately disinfected. And self-disinfected impressions are in many cases colonised with micro-organisms. Sporeforming bacteria or the dreaded MRSA, self prions, the elicitor of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, can be particularly stable and environmentally- resistant and can only be killed by steam sterilisation. The legal hygiene requirements have become stricter. Yet for impressions, disinfection was always considered possible at best, but not autoclaving.

Now consider the hygiene regulations: cleaning - disinfection - autoclaving also for impressions. All AFFINIS Impressions will remain dimensionally stable and accurate down to the last detail, despite heat sterilisation at 134°C in the autoclave. AFFINIS impressions - highest precision and sterile security for the practice team, dental lab technician and patient.

Dimensionally stable after autoclaving

Complex computer tomographic and clinical measurements as well as comparisons confirm the outstanding dimensional stability of the optimised AFFINIS Impression Materials even after autoclaving. A current study from Dr. Brian Millar et al. at King`s College London Dental Institute substantiated the quality of the AFFINIS Impression Material, Adhesive (Coltène Adhesive AC) and Tray System ( PRESIDENT Tray AC). Comprehensive clinical studies from dentists and dental technicians demonstrate that highly precise and safe autoclavable impressions with accurate-fitting restorations are possible, regardless of the impression technique and material consistency used.