Lab Putty


Coltène Laboratory modeling materials: Lab-Putty and Lab-Putty hard used in the appropriate applications have important benefits for the lab-technician: Easy and safe dosage, convenient mixing consistency, problem-free removal and an ideal elasticity after setting. In addition, the optimised end hardness and out-standing dimensional stability provide perfect accuracy and excellent results in a time saving manner.

Lab Putty
Lab-Putty is the outstanding polysiloxane laboratory modelling product material with 62 - 67 Shore A for model repairs, isolation and denture heat protection, keys and block outs and matrixes for formation of general occlusion and functional patterns.

Lab Putty hard
A smooth acrylic surface is guaranteed with the use of Lab Putty Hard for relining, keys and repair models. Separate isolation is eliminated. Its high heat-resistance (300°C) and perfect dimensional stability makes it suitable for soldering models (90 Shore A).

Eco-Pack | 6 x 40 ml
Activator | 1 x 40 ml
Lab-Putty Base | 5000 ml
Dosing spoon | 1 pc
Lab-Putty Base | 900 ml
Lab-Putty Activator | 40 ml
Dosing spoon | 1 pc