• BioSonic® UC300

    Member of the BioSonic® Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems


BioSonic® UC300

Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

Designed for user safety ƒ

  • FingerGuard instrument baskets keep sharp instrument points inside basket minimizing possibility of accidental finger sticks. ƒ
  • Raised ridges inside baskets for easy and safe removal of instruments. ƒ
  • Built-in drain with extra-long drain tube allows you to safely dispose of contaminated solutions without ever touching them. No lifting. No spills. ƒ
  • The fully functional cover returns condensation back into the ultrasonic bath to limit airborne contaminants into the work environment.

Wear-resistant plastic housing ƒ

  • Will not stain, scratch, rust or dent. ƒ
  • Remains esthetically pleasing for years.

Quiet performance ƒ

  • Tank cover completely encloses basket and beaker(s), significantly reducing noise level in your practice. ƒ
  • Precisely tuned performance for optimal cleaning and quiet operation. ƒ
  • Rubber pads on accessories prevent annoying rattle.

Synchronous timer ƒ

  • Precisely timed cleaning cycles ƒ
  • Cleaning cycles up to 30 minutes (UC50DB) ƒ
  • Cleaning cycles up to 60 minutes (UC300 + UC125) 



Replacement Drain Hose
Basket Section Inserts
2-Beaker Positioning Cover
Replacement Cover
BioSonic Ultrasonic Cleaner with UK plug
BioSonic Ultrasonic Cleaner
Twin FingerGuard™
Instrument Basket with 2 section inserts
Large FingerGuard™
Instrument Basket with 5 section inserts
Tank capacity 14.4 l | 3.8 gal
Tank capacity 14.4 l | 3.8 gal
Overall Dimensions: L 48,26 x W 30,48 x H 31,12 cm | L 19 x W 12 x H 12.25 in
Tank-Dimensions: L 35,56 x W 22,86 x H 17,15 cm | L 14 x W 9 x H 6.75 in
3 Replacement Drain Filters