One Coat Self-Etching Bond


One Coat Self-Etching Bond is a 6th generation, two component, light-cured, self-etching adhesive. Formulated to provide an easy technique, One Coat Self-Etching Bond eliminates the need for an extra etching Step. The Primer 1 solubilizes the smear layer, without totally removing it as total etch bonds do. The Bond 2 penetrates through the smear layer into the tubules to create the so called resin tags, which are responsible for its outstanding retention.

  • Simple – Fast – Reliable
  • Easy handling – no etching / no rinsing
  • Prevents postoperative sensitivity
  • Homogenous bond layer – solvent free
  • Universal application

Primer 1 | 5 ml
Bond 2 | 5 ml
Microbrush yellow | 50 pc
Microbrush black | 50 pc
Mixing well | 1 pc
One Coat Primer 1 Refill
One Coat Bond 2 Refill
Microbrush yellow | 50 pcs.
Microbrush black | 50 pcs.