Instructions for use

Jet Bite

Easy handling and ideal stability facilitate the bite registration. The dental technician appreciates how well the material can be formed and trimmed.

Perfect Bite registration - without occlusal adjustments.
Jet Bite gives the perfect occlusal fit on the first try. The patient bites down naturally every time because of Jet Bite fast's fluffy, mousse-like consistency. There is no need for time-consuming adjustments. Jet Bite flows smoothly - sets rock hard.
  • Smooth mousse-like consistency - No resistance to closure, no rebound
  • Jet Bite fast 70 seconds total working time
  • Working time max. 20 s
  • Oral setting time min. 50 s
  • High dimensional stability - no distortion
  • Not brittle - easy to grind and cut
  • Saves time - minimizes occlusal adjustments